domingo, 31 de maio de 2009

New J1 SNP - L136

L136 ChrY: 7630823 delT is a new SNP in the J1 tree.

It is going to change the known nomenclature, so M365 can be renamed !

M365+ J1b is ancestral to L136, so M365 is more basal to the J1 founder than the derived forms of P56 and P58, what can be a hint to the origin of J1 M267. If more L136 - (negative) J1's are found in the North, that's the possible location of the birth of the J1* haplogroup.

quarta-feira, 27 de maio de 2009

Abdalan Clan from Eastern Anatolia

Someone has noticed me that a member of the Abdalan clan from Eastern Turkey has tested in IGenea as J1b, M365. They are from Erzincan. The Erzincan valley was the location of the most important pre-Christian shrine in Armenia, dedicated to the Iranian goddess Anahit.
I would like to see the haplotype, but it's the first public report of an old Anatolian clan related to J1b M365+
Mere coincidence or a historical register that Abdalan also has had the "Alan" postfix ?