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Brazilian cluster/position at deCODEme II

European local maps.

The first map was made by Evon at DNA Forums. Only two Brazilians there.

The second map is showing the green box of the four Brazilian samples at the same place.

Middle Eastern box with the Brazilian green box outside

European box with the Brazilian green box inside

South West Asian box with the Brazilian green box outside

Brazilian cluster/position at deCODEme

DECODEME world map.

Circles are individuals. On the top the grey colour representing the European populations. Down to the left, , the Middle Eastern populations (purple) and to the bottom, the African populations(light blue). In the right, the Southwestern Asian populations (brown), the Amerindian populations (red), the Eastern Asian (light green)and the Oceanian populations (dark green ).

Old Colonial Brazilian Stock position at deCODEme

Brazil is one of the most diverse societies of the world.

Brazilians can be everywhere at the deCODEme Map of Kinship.
Some Brazilians are clustering in a specific place.
Ethnic Brazilians of Colonial Portuguese origin are the Brazilians of Old Stock origin, families with a documented and registered history of 500 years in the Brazilian Genealogies from Bahia, Pernambuco, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. The old Senhoriato Colonial, “Homens Bons”, old Brazilian Nativism, the Bandeirante stock, the Senhores de Engenho stock, a new original population of European and Portuguese origin that conquered and colonized half of South America, a new amalgama, a new composite made mainly of Northern Portuguese origins with distant small Amerindian and African admixture in the Colonial times and other European admixtures in the last 200 years. In Brazil they are also known as Quinhentões (500 hundreds), “Old Colonial White” Brazilians, European Brazilians of Portuguese Colonial origin. The Y DNA of this group is 100% European and the mtDNA has a representative proportion of European, Amerindian and African mtDNA produced by the Colonial experience in Brazil. In terms of Manhood they represent the main force and the main drive of the Portuguese world wide Empire with a very homogeneous ethnic identity coming from the Minho, Portucale, expressed as a very homogeneous national identity and political unity in Brazil. The old real or imaginary notion of one People, one Language, one Church, One State, One King, One Ethno-National Project of conquest and colonization. In Brazil this group has created a new branch of the Portuguese language, the Brazilian Portuguese and a new branch of the Portuguese State, the Estado do Brasil, State of Brazil organized since 1549.
The Old Brazilian Stock is organized in the European box at deCODEme and they form a new type of population in the World box because they are in the European box closer to the already existent European populations, not being part of any of them and being far more distant to the other world populations listed as references. The Colonial Brazilians can be closer to some European groups than other Europeans are closer to other different European groups. The Old Brazilian Stock position is different from the Portuguese and other Iberian groups. The analyzed Colonial Brazilian proportions at 23andMe and deCODEme are different from the Puerto Ricans in the same way that the Puerto Ricans are very distant from the Mexicans, still we need more data from the American continent. Old Brazilian Stock was a product of 600.000 Portuguese men – Homens - that came to Brazil in the Colonial Era (1500-1808). Nowadays more than 40 millions of Y DNA descend from the founder base. Brazilian diversity has also had Amerindians and imported labourers from Africa, Europe and Asia in the last 500 years and the Old Stock Brazilians have mixed with and assimilated every social group in Brazil in the last 500 years. The Brazilian genetic structure is completely different from the United States and from Mexico, for instance because genetics can only be understood by the sociological analysis of the formation of the Brazilian social classes and the local conflicts. The Old Colonial Brazilians organized the State, the economy, the culture and unleashed several wars against Amerindian groups, European Powers and African Maroons in Brazil to keep the giant territorial size of Brazil and to remain the ruling class and a powerful and rich Brazilian Elite in the last 500 years, always absorbing and incorporating other groups as the Brazilian universal class in the entire Brazilian territory and creating the specific Brazilian melting pot. The important Amerindian and African contributions mixed and structured the Old Brazilian Stock position to the East and to the South of the European box, creating a completely new space present in the European box as a result of the Old Stock Colonial Brazilian references tested there. So history, society, identities and genetics can explain the unique Brazilian autosomal positions at the deCODEme World Map of Kinship.

Brazilian circle, a new world population within the European box

Brazilian green box with four Brazilian samples

European box with the Brazilian green box inside

Ricardo Costa de Oliveira