domingo, 9 de agosto de 2009

Mexican candidate J1b haplotype

The first Mexican candidate J1b haplotype

Y Search 49S86 with the distinctive Western Iberian J1b haplotype
DYS 19 = 15
DYS 390 = 22
DYS 393 = 13
DYS 385 = 12,19
DYS 458 = 18 (probably 18,2 - no ,2 was tested in the Mexican batch)

n of N - 1 of 163
Geoposition [Population] - Guadalajara, Mexico [Mestizo]
Metapopulation - Admixed
Continent - Latin America

It`s a completely isolated haplotype, no neighbour or any other match in Mexico, what could mean a possible Colonial Portuguese immigrant or a Colonial Spaniard from Galicia or Extremadura with the Western Iberian or Western Alan J1b motif
No other J1b was ever found in the FTDNA Mexican Project with a good number of tests.

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