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"J1b type" from England ?

One "J1b type" haplotype from Devon, England

FTDNA 211891

I have been analyzing all J haplotypes published in every public database or article in the last five years.
We have found the “J1b type” in Northern Iran and in Western Iberia. Now we have the first English candidate.
I have never found any “J1b type” in the Mediterranean area and no Jew or Arab FTDNA Project had any “J1b type”.
The Iberian and Portuguese haplotypes have more proximity than the Iranian haplotypes.
I tried to use the Mcgee Y-utility. I would give more centuries to the calculus there, but there’s an idea about the temporal connections there.
The English haplotype is equidistant between the Iranians and the Iberians !
The TMRCA time to most recent common ancestor can be related to 1500-2000 years ago, the period of the Fall of the Roman Empire, when the Eastern Barbarians arrived in Western Europe, so the Iranic Alans conjecture looks like a good hypothesis in my opinion !

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António Vitor disse...

I found more stuff correlated with my haplotype (G2a3b1) and the alanic connection. My own haplogroup mutation might have 2500 years, that is not coerent with an invasion from the neolithic, and thus should come from an posterior invasion (alanic of course)... my father family come from near torres vedras, and I know this castle was built by...alans... alenquer from the alan ker ker german for temple (temple of the alans) is another close village ....built by alans, with a alan dog in the city flag...