terça-feira, 13 de dezembro de 2011

My Clan

My Clan:

Picture of the family Gomes de Oliveira from Joinville, Santa Catarina, in 1923. The older lady is my (Ricardo Costa de Oliveira) Great-Great-grandparent Rosa Leocadia Gallo Machado, born 1830, widow of João Gomes de Oliveira (1824-1892). On his side are four of their children. On the left side (pictured) is his daughter Rosa Gomes de Oliveira married to Antonio de Oliveira Mira, parents of Crispim Mira famous writer from Santa Catarina. On the left we have João Gomes de Oliveira (son), Vereador in Joinville and Captain of the National Guard (paternal Great- grandfather of Ricardo Costa de Oliveira). On the right side of Rosa Leocadia we have Procopio de Oliveira Gomes, Deputy and Mayor of Joinville, married to Mary Balbina de Miranda. On the right side of Procopio we have Clemencia Gomes de Oliveira, who married Francisco Jose Ribeiro, Vereador in Joinville. Upstairs, in the center (under an arrow and the number 3), is Placido Gomes de Oliveira, MD, State Representative, son of Procopio. By his side (number 4) is Carlos Gomes de Oliveira, Senator, cousin and son in law of Procopio. Carlos Gomes de Oliveira lived more than 100 years and he was the president of the Brazilian senate in 1955. He represented Brazil and spoke at the United Nations in 1957.

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