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J1b M365 is definitely negative (ancestral) to P58.

I received my 23andMe results. Very interesting !
P58 (J1e) rs34043621 can point to an interesting position in the J1 haplogroup.
In general terms P58, J1e, was an historical edge on the J1 history and J1e P58+ is far more associated to the Semitic groups. J1 with the negative P58 is absolutely not related to the Semitic populations. Probably J1 was born around the Taurus-Zagros line and the oldest and most diversified J1 haplotypes are located in the Anatolian and Caucasian areas, where some of the highest frequencies of J1 in the world are found in places like Daghestan. J1e and the modals found in the Jewish and Arab populations to the South are considerably younger and less diversified.
I am P58- (negative, ancestral, with the TT) what points to the ancient Northern variants of J1 in the J1b clade, just like the known J1 DYS 388=13 cluster.
I am TT positive to L60 rs2008924, definitely another J SNP

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Ponto disse...

Not sure about the ancestral to P58. Isogg 2009 state that the positions of M365 and the other J1 clades except M62 may flow down from P58. P58 is totally useless in my opinion. It seems just about every J1 is P58.
When I check the J haplogroup project on FTDNA I look for anomalies like null markers or that Cyprian with DYS455=7. I have anomalous markers. My DYS578=7, I am the only J1 I have seem who is not 8. I and a genetic cousin, an American, ancestor from Calabria near Reggio, we have DYS607=8. J1s go from 13 to 15, modal 14. My genetic cousin does not know of any Jewish ancestry, and my anomalous marker makes me quite distantly connected to any other J1s, the 578=7 doesn't help either.
Personally I think J1s in Europeans, barring Jews and the muslim effect, are pre Neolithic and come from the Caucasus region.