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Brazilian Ancestry Painting

Ancestry Painting (A.P.) is a new tool of genealogical investigation developed by 23andME

My Ancestry Painting is the product of the Brazilian Genealogy after 500 years of documented lineages, from the Amerindian founders of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Bahia to the bulk of the Portuguese Colonial Elite also admixed with Africans in the Brazilian Ancien Régime following the other mixtures with European Immigrants in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Brazilians with a background in the old Colonial Elite can be considered a New European based Population or a new Portuguese-Western Iberian based population because we don't match exactly with any other European population and we are even more distant from the North African, Middle Eastern, Central Asian, Eastern Asian, African or Siberian populations.

Approximately 60 millions of self-identified "White Brazilians" from a preponderantly Portuguese stock admixed with small proportions of Amerindian (Asian), African and other European genes can be considered the new Brazilian population of Iberian origin. What the Brazilian traditional classic written genealogies knew as the Amerindian forefathers and the most important sociologists like Gilberto Freyre wrote about the African admixture in the Brazilian Slaveholders Masters of the "Casa Grande" can now be genetically determined. That's the Brazilian population that conquered and colonized half of South America and organized the New World biggest flux of Africans across the Atlantic. That's our heritage.

Ricardo Costa de Oliveira A. P.

Location in the general map, I (Ricardo) am the green point in the European Box. Black points are 23andMe customers and friends who shared the results with me.

The Northern European zoom

The Southern European zoom

A study of Eastern European nationalities made in an anthropological forum by Vista

Family Inheritance page

Matching a Grandfather and his Grandson

Mendel family at 23andMe.

Now we can try to find relatives not only in the Y DNA and mtDNA lines.
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