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New, completely different Qatari J1b cluster

A Qatari J1b cluster was shown in the new article of Sergio Tofanelli,
"J1-M267 Y lineage marks climate-driven pre-historical human displacements". Supplementary Information. 282 M267* chromosomes from 29 populations typed at 20 YSTRs and 6 SNPs.

Unfortunately they haven't tested the P58 SNP.
Only 3 J1b haplotypes (all in Qatar) were found in this extensive study.

The Qatari J1b cluster is completely different from the previously known J1b STR's.
The genetic distance of the haplotypes among the Qatari J1b cluster is 20/4 and 20/6, what probably means a long established group in that place.
Curiously the Qatari haplotypes are closer to other J1e (P58) and even to some J2 haplotypes than to the already known J1b haplotypes.

If the results are correct J1b M365 is far older and far diverse than I thought and it's impossible to estimate the J1b candidates only analyzing the STR or the haplotypes motifs because the Qatari J1b is completely different from the previously known Eastern Anatolian-Caspian Iranian-Portuguese (Alan ?) J1b cluster original motif.

J1b Qatari haplotypes

J1b Eastern Anatolian-Caspian Iranian-Portuguese haplotypes and candidates:

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